'Not only is punishment risky, but it also fails to teach the dog an acceptable alternate behaviour. The dog does not learn what to do the next time he is in the same situation. He only learns to fear the situation.' Emma Parsons, Click to Calm p73

Friday, 28 January 2011

101 Tricks to Teach.

Tricks that have been striked are complete, and can be performed reliably with a verbal cue in any situation.
Tricks that are purple, we're working on 'formally'.
Tricks that are blue, we're working on 'informally'.

101 Tricks to Teach:
1. Sit down: Sit: Jess, Lola.
2. Lie down: Down: Jess, Lola.
3. Stand up: Stand: Jess, Lola.
4. Touch palm with nose: Touch: Jess, Lola.
5. Target end of t-stick: Target: Jess, Lola.
6. Don't touch that: Leave It: Jess, Lola.
7. Touch hand with either paw: Paw: Jess, Lola.
8. Shake body: Shake: Jess, Lola.
9. Scratch the ground: Digger: Jess, Lola.
10. Beg: Beg (J), Meerkat (L): Jess, Lola.
11. Drop what's in your mouth: Drop: Jess, Lola.
12. Get on to furniture: Up: Jess, Lola.
13. Get off of furniture: Off: Jess, Lola.
14. Spin left until told to stop: Twirl: Lola. (Jess has a generic 'spin', either direction.)
15. Spin right until told to stop: Circle: Lola.
16. Roll onto back, relaxed: Roll-over: Jess, Lola.
17. Roll over (stood->on back->stood): Rolypoly: Jess, Lola.
18. Lick face of speaker: Kisses: Lola.
19. Leave the room the speaker is in: Out: Jess, Lola.
20. Enter the room the speaker is in: In: Jess, Lola.
21. Stand up on back paws: Up, up (J) / Hot to Trot (L): Jess, Lola.
22. Take offered item in mouth: Take It: Jess, Lola.
23. Hold offered item in mouth: Hold That: Jess, Lola.
24. Walk informally to heel: With Me: Jess, Lola.
25. Walk formally to heel: Close: Jess, Lola.
26. Enter and lie down in crate: Crate: Lola.
27. Stay until released: Stay: Jess, Lola.
28. Fetch a ball: Ball: Lola. (Jess has a generic 'fetch'.)
29. Jump into speaker's arms: Gimme love: Jess, Lola.
30. Put paws on speaker's shoulders from front: Hug me: Jess, Lola.
31. Take a bow: Bow: Jess, Lola.
32. Lie down and cross paws: Queenly (J), Boleyn (L): Jess, Lola.
33. Wave: Farewell: Jess, Lola.
34. Weave between speaker's legs: Weave (J), Dancing girl (L): Jess, Lola.
35. Bark: Speak up: Jess, Lola.
36. Stop barking: Shut yer mouth: Jess, Lola.
37. Lower head: Head down: Jess, Lola.
38. Lift head: Head up: Jess, Lola.
39. Touch muzzle with own paw: Are You Sad?: Jess, Lola.
40. Crawl to speaker: Crawl: Jess, Lola.
41. Limp (hold one paw up while walking): Is puppy hurt?: Jess, Lola.
42. Jump into the air: Launch yourself: Jess, Lola.
43. 'March' front paws, one at a time: March: Jess, Lola.
44. Shake head from side to side: Say no: Jess, Lola.
45. Shake head up and down: Say yeah: Jess, Lola.
46. Target other dog with nose: Find your sister: Jess, Lola.
47. 'Handstand'/stand on two paws: Circus freak: Jess, Lola.
48. Do agility weave poles: Weave: Jess, Lola.
49. Jump over agility jump: Jump: Jess, Lola.
50. Jump through a hoop: Hoop: Jess, Lola.
51. Jump through speaker's hooped arms: Hoola: Jess, Lola.
52. Put front paws on wall, facing wall: Don't shoot: Jess, Lola.
53. Walk forward: Front-step: Jess, Lola.
54. Walk backward: Back Up (J), Backstep (L): Jess, Lola.
55. Walk right: Slide Right: Jess, Lola.
56. Walk left: Slip Left: Jess, Lola.
57. Circle around speaker: Herd Me: Jess, Lola.
58. Return to speaker: Come here [or respond to whistle]: Jess, Lola.
59. Stop directly in front of speaker: Front: Jess, Lola.
60. Return to, and sit in, heel position: Finish: Jess, Lola.
61. Shake a toy: Kill it: Jess, Lola.
62. Target item with paw(s): Bunny hop: Jess, Lola.
63. Target item with nose: Snuffle: Jess, Lola.
64. Shift backwards when laid down: Moonwalk: Jess, Lola.
65. Shift backwards when sat: Scoot: Jess, Lola.
66. Jump over other dog: Leapfrog: Jess, Lola.
67. Stand on speaker's back, speaker bent: Piggyback: Jess, Lola.
68. Play 'bowling' with child's bowling balls and pins: Strikeout: Jess, Lola.
69. Move in a circle with paws up on a stool: Elephant: Jess, Lola.
70. Put toys back in toybox: Clean Up: Jess, Lola.
71. Hit a button with paws: Smack That: Jess, Lola.
72. Lift left back leg: Links (german--left): Jess, Lola.
73. Lift right back leg: Rechts (german--right): Jess, Lola.
74. Stand on an item (all four paws): Popup: Jess, Lola.
75. Get in an item (all four paws): Minimise: Jess, Lola.
76. Put paws on other dog: Sibling love: Jess, Lola.
77. Move and stand in a corner, head hanging: Rebel Princess: Jess, Lola.
78. Roll onto side, head on floor: Bang, bang: Jess, Lola.
79. Roll onto back, paws stiff in air: Play dead: Jess, Lola.
80. Climb up speaker's back (with speaker knelt), head on their shoulder: Aren't you Lovely?: Lola.
81. Stop moving, in position: Freeze: Jess, Lola.
82. Meet handler's eyes: Look (J), Watch Me (L): Jess, Lola.
83. Target speaker's left foot with left paw: Dasher: Jess, Lola.
84. Target speaker's right foot with right paw: Prancer: Jess, Lola.
85. Blow bubbles in bowl of water: Treasure-Hunt: Jess, Lola.
86. Stretch: Kittycat: Lola.
87. Touch speaker's nose with own: Eskimo: Lola.
88. Wrap self in blanket: Tuck in: Lola.
89. Begging position, one paw higher: High Five: Jess, Lola.
90. Walk with paws on speaker's feet: Tippytoes: Jess, Lola.
91. Hold speaker's hand gently in mouth: Infant: Jess, Lola.
92. Touch own left paw with nose: Gauche (french--left): Jess, Lola.
93. Touch own right paw with nose: Droite (french--right): Jess, Lola.
94. Target football in midair with nose: Heads: Lola.
95. Hide face in paws, laid down: Whodunnit: Lola.
96. Wait (i.e. don't barge out of door): Wait: Jess, Lola.
97. Move away from where you are: Move: Jess, Lola.
98. Settle/calm down: Settle: Lola.
99. Tug object offered: Tuggy: Lola.
100. Target own tail with nose: Choppit: Lola.
101. Return to own home: Go Home: Jess, Lola.

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Sara said...

Wow! That is quite the list! What a great idea to write it all down.