'Not only is punishment risky, but it also fails to teach the dog an acceptable alternate behaviour. The dog does not learn what to do the next time he is in the same situation. He only learns to fear the situation.' Emma Parsons, Click to Calm p73

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Yesterday: the Good and the Bad.

Yesterday was a strange mixture of good and bad. We got back our coursework from one of our modules from last semester at university; like at least half of the lecture class, I'd failed. It was, my lecturer said, a very good, engaging and interesting essay - but it was all literature criticism, not language. Oops.

I was upset at this at first (I do not fail at English; I never have), but spending the afternoon with Jenny and the dogs made things better. Lola and Millie enjoyed wrestling (even if Millie's slightly psychotic growling alarmed me at times), and it was fun to just relax when we got back from the walk with chips and gravy, whilst watching the League of Gentlemen.

Then last night, Jess started limping. I wasn't too concerned, as she's done this before when she's overworked herself whilst out. She's usually better by morning... but today she was still limping, and now I'm a little concerned. My mum is off from work and watching the dogs today, so at least Jess and Lola aren't alone. I was able, both last night and this morning, to touch and move the leg she seems reluctant to put weight on without her caring. If she's still limping tomorrow though, I'll contact the vets for a checkup. My girl is old now, though she often doesn't act it, and I want her to be healthy.


Sara said...

I hope Jess' limp goes away soon. I know Oreo's took about 4 days to ease, but he wasn't very good at "taking it easy".

Sophie said...

Jess is usually pretty good at being lazy (and hasn't been on walks the last two days, to help)but it's taking longer than usual. I think the cold is aggravating her muscles; she's usually a little stiffer than normal during winter anyway.