'Not only is punishment risky, but it also fails to teach the dog an acceptable alternate behaviour. The dog does not learn what to do the next time he is in the same situation. He only learns to fear the situation.' Emma Parsons, Click to Calm p73

Friday, 29 April 2011

Agility Foundations 3: Two Jumps.

This is from Wednesday morning, but I completely forgot to upload it! I did a couple of reps on one jump before putting up a second one. Lola had a little trouble realising that she had to do two things to get her toy, but caught on fairly quickly. This video was taken about midway through the session; after this it deteriorated within a couple of minutes because of the heat (we'd gotten out a little later than I'd planned), and she refused the second jump twice. We only had one knocked bar the entire time though, and that was in the first few reps with just the single jump whilst she was remembering what I wanted.

(Sorry for the awkward position of the video! I didn't realise which direction the camera was pointed, sooo most of what happens--Lola on the lefthand jump, tugging and fetching on the left side, etc--is either just barely in shot or not at all.)

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tricky T-Day: Circle.

Tricky T-Day 9: Circle.

I was going to use Lola's new 'take a bow' for this week... but she's really not getting the hang of it, and still needs a pretty strong lure to get her to do it (and she often still flops onto the ground right after). Her circling is just a slightly more shaped, and named, version of something she already likes to do. I think she's secretly a herding pup. We're working on getting her to be able to circle me even when I'm moving, as you can see a little here.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Tape Measures are the Devil.

According to Lola, that is. Over the last couple of days, even me moving the thing makes her flinch and scamper away. We're going to have to go back to don't-be-scared 101, so that I can work up to touching her with it again (she's still eleven inches or so tall at the withers, and she's maybe twelve and a half long). Until then, all weekly/Sunday Summaries are going to have to be postponed. I think the puppy is having her fear period - she's never really been bothered by the tape measure before, but now it is a Really Bad Thing.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Drowned Puppy.

I wasn't really planning to, but me and Lola went with Jenny and Millie to the reservoir today. We stopped off at the ford and drowned the puppy, which got her used to swimming against a pretty strong current for a few moments. Half an hour or so afterward, she followed me into the res and swam quite far for her ball. She's definitely getting better - stronger, and more tolerant. She had huge sad puppy ears when she got out the last time, and refused completely to go near the water again.

The entire trip (to the ford, to the res, and back home) took about two and a half hours. Lola was refusing her treats for the last forty five minutes or so, because she was utterly exhausted and just wanted to be carried home (which wasn't happening - she was gross!), but she only reacted twice the entire trip: once to a couple who walked past whilst we were in the water, thus surprising her, and once to a man with a toddler on his shoulders and a kid just behind him; we were too close on the narrow path and she growled softly.

Both dogs have since been washed, and Lola is utterly tuckered out now. I'm going to take her more regularly to the res, and encourage her to swim there. My legs feel all horrible now from standing in the water with Ro.

Bonus picture:

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Easter Saturday Is Fun Saturday.

We started the day with a little agility fun practice at the field at the end of my street, which Lola loved. Before we started, she saw a cat and took off after it, though stopped at the fence (which she could have easily squeezed through) and came back. She looked a little bit antsy until I'd set up the jump and got out her toy, and then she was right back there with me.

When we got back, I dropped off Lola and went up town, and returned with a bag of raw bones for the girls. They've both had a bone each; Jess devoured hers, but Lola ate all of the meat and everything but left most of the bone itself (which Jess was then given).

Now we've done some posing with new things, and we'll be going out for a nice walk later.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Lola, Queen of the Waves.

Lola's getting much better about going in water! Apparently trying to drown her yesterday didn't scar her too badly. She was happy to wade through the stream in this park, the deepest of which went up to her belly, in order to retrieve her beloved balltug. A week or so ago, she was too leery of the water to set even a paw in it, and it took a full half an hour to get her in at all.

I'm going to try, sometime during the summer (maybe after my exams), taking her to the reservoir and dragging her in there. The only thing is I'm 99% sure that there may be crocodiles or demons or something in there; there's often creepy shapes under the water. I don't much fancy being devoured by some watery beast, but the res is so deep that I'd have to go in with Lola to keep her happy.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Tricky T-Day: Tick Tock & Time Travel.

Contrary to what this video suggests, Lola still hasn't got the difference between tick tock (clockwise spin) and time travel (counterclockwise spin) 100% yet - we're still working on it! It's a two for one trick video this week though.

Tricky T-Day: Tick Tock & Time Travel.

Beach Dogs.

We took the dogs today to Blackpool beach, about forty five minutes drive away (except it took us an hour and a half to get to the beach because we got monumentally lost). However, what we did forget to do was check whether the tide would be out: and it wasn't. We couldn't get onto the sand area, as it was swallowed up by water, so we were only on the crowded steps. We arrived there about half 12, and left about 4, so the dogs are pretty exhausted now. Lola only threw up once, on the way there, and nobody threw up at all on the way back.

Both were quite good - Jess didn't bark at anything, and only lifted her hackles a couple of times at dogs that came too close. Lola yapped half a dozen times or so at people (mostly kids), and another three or four times at other dogs that she wanted to play with. However, there was one incident--when Lola was in my backpack--when a kid came quickly toward us, and got within a foot of Lola (trapped) in the bag. I moved my arm to try and push her head away and keep everyone safe, just as she barked and air-snapped, and accidentally caught the back of my arm. I have a very slight puncture, though no bleeding.

The 'puppy in the backpack' provided amusement for many though, and Lola was content to ride back in it as we headed for the car for about three quarters of a mile. When I tried to put her back down on the floor, she just gave me sad ears and jumped at my legs. Lazy pup.

And contrary to what the dogs might say, I did not try to drown them. I just may have dragged them into the sea, that's all (they both hated me for a few minutes afterward, but Lola swam! and Jess made a brave attempt to do the same!).

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Family Resemblance?

(Rocky usually has floppy ears... I think he was trying to fit in with Lola.)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sometimes, I don't think Lola is quite normal.

Here's a couple (a lot) of pictures from the last few days to prove it.

I've also decided that I'm not going to be going to the puppy training anymore. I've been thinking long and hard about it, after seeing that the trainer for the Bronze class is the same trainer as for Starters, and was popping the collar of a border collie that was attending there. I don't want to go there only to leave five minutes later because ohemgee Lola is dominant and must be put in her place. Lola's also been more barky toward other dogs on-leash since last class, which is entirely the opposite of what I want.

So until I have access to a car, and can go to a positive training class, there's no more puppy classes for Ro, as the nearest class is about an hour and a half's walk/train each way, whilst it's only about ten or fifteen minutes by car.