'Not only is punishment risky, but it also fails to teach the dog an acceptable alternate behaviour. The dog does not learn what to do the next time he is in the same situation. He only learns to fear the situation.' Emma Parsons, Click to Calm p73

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Accidents and the Great Outdoors.

Today started out with pig snouts for both dogs, which they practically inhaled. They were very happy to have them! At around two, after a couple hours of shopping, me and my friend Jenny took the young 'uns out for a three hour walk through the park, to the res and back again. I ended up with blood beneath a thumbnail from accidentally hitting something and a strained or cramped leg muscle, and scratches on my thighs and stomach from trying to drown the puppy help Lola to get better at swimming.

She wasn't in the mood for swimming today, even with the lure of a tennis ball (she would step in up to her chest, but wouldn't go any further). I tossed her in a couple of times because I'm heartless, and several times she actually jumped out of my arms in order to dive for the ball - she just didn't want to take the final step forward, literally and figuratively, from standing up in the water to swimming in it. She's a silly girl.

And then the day took a downturn when, in the space of about forty five minutes, Jess pooped three times (one small, hard, pale lump at a time - pale from the raw bones yesterday, probably occuring from the pig snout today) indoors, including once on the back of the chair whilst she was lying down. She then threw up, thankfully giving me enough notice to get her outside, and has since perked up quite a bit.

This was a couple of hours ago and she's seemed normal since, drinking and peeing fine, so I'm going to leave it until tomorrow to decide whether or not to take her to the vets. I get really stressed about my dogs' health, especially Jess, because of her age and general stomach sensitivity, so I've been making a massive fuss of Jess since, and she's loved every minute of it.


An English Shepherd said...

Hopr Jess is OK :-)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sorry to hear Jess is not feeling well - I get super stressed out over Ricky's health too so I can totally sympathize. Hope she is fine in the morning!

Sara said...

Hope Jess is feeling better. It is so hard to see our pets sick.

Isn't it funny how some dogs LOVE the water, and others we have to pretty much force to get? I'm sure Lola slept good after a 3 hour excursion!