'Not only is punishment risky, but it also fails to teach the dog an acceptable alternate behaviour. The dog does not learn what to do the next time he is in the same situation. He only learns to fear the situation.' Emma Parsons, Click to Calm p73

Friday, 19 August 2011


  • Kelly came round again - she arrived about 1pm on Tuesday afternoon, and left the next day. Lola barked at her quite a lot when she first came in, as she shot up the stairs to bark at K and I couldn't get her back downstairs to put her away. Silly pup.
  • We did some shaping with Lola's evening meal, carrying on from our shaping breakthrough last time. She immediately offered solid, confident nose touches to Kelly's legs and hands, and then began jumping up against her legs (Kelly was sat in a chair, we were on the floor). And then--surprising all of us, I think--my pup leapt up onto her lap for a split second. I marked it and jackpotted her choice by giving her the rest of her meal and ending the session.
  • Lola was pretty quiet with her all day, until we were going to bed. Me and Lola had gotten ready first, and I think she forgot Kelly was there, or else didn't think Kelly was sleeping in the room with us - she barked and growled a little bit when K entered the room. Not great. I put Lola on the floor and didn't let her back up onto the bed until she was quiet, and then she settled straight down to sleep. During the night, K told me the next day, she woke up once to find Lola snuggled up against her head and awake. Lola didn't react adversely to seeing her.

  • A couple of quiet huffs in the morning, as we'd gotten up and ready before Kelly did, and then quiet for the rest of the day - even when Kelly went, much much later.
  • We went to the cinema (minus the dogs, of course), and I opted to try leaving the dogs both in my bedroom. I put down a lot of newspaper, expecting the worst... and there wasn't a single accident to clear up when we got back around four-five hours later. Fantastic!
  • In the evening after Kelly had gone, when I took Lola out (she's getting a minimum of two walks a day at the moment, though it's generally more three or four - I need to see how my university schedule will be before commiting to three walks, really) we met a seven month old JRT/PRT cross. Despite the fact they'd never met before, and Lola was pretty tired, she played fantastically with her for about half an hour - and even leapt up to say a brief hello to Poppy's owner a couple of times. After that, we saw her beloved greyhound/collie cross, who she always gets so flirty with (she gets total zoomies around him) and behaved as always with him. And then we saw Lola's brother Cloud, and she was happy to say hello to them - and after that, as we were leaving, she had a very nice, very appropriate greeting with an elderly Westie. Then she spoiled it the next day by being an idiot with other dogs.
  • I had to go to town to get some supplies, so I left Lola and Jess in my room again. They were there for about an hour and a half, and as far as I can tell (standing quietly outside for a few moments) they were quiet. No accidents again!
  • I was in a cooking mood... there is now some beef jerky, boiled bone jelly, scrambled egg/cheese mixture, kipper and fried liver all bagged (except for the bone stuff; that set in a tub) and tagged for the dogs. I have some chicken quarters and thighs, some ox tongue and ox tail, and some other mixtures to try making, but at the moment I probably have about two or three weeks of high value treats in the fridge and freezer.

  • The food for the dogs arrived yesterday, and I cracked it open today--Wainwrights Adult Salmon & Potato. Jess has previously been on/is being transitioned from crappy wet food and mixer biscuits to this much better dry food, and Lola is being transitioned from a different flavour of the Wainwrights puppy food.
  • I left Lola and Jess in my room again when I went for my driving lesson. Pretty sure they were quiet (I forgot to set up the camera to record!), and no accidents again. I think I'll be leaving them in my room from now on; there's less to destroy, and they're both used to being in there overnight so they have the association of settling down and sleeping. Good girls.

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Sara said...

What good girls! You've been busy!