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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Mice: Catch-up.

I keep forgetting to update one blog or the other, so I'm bringing mice stuff back over to here. So you guys don't have to look at mouse pictures and information if you don't want to, the mice posts will begin with the 'Mice:' tag.

- On Wednesday, me and Kinkajou hung out for around two hours, with her scampering in and out of my sleeves. She was a very happy mouse.

- Today I cleaned out the mouse tank as part of my weekly mouse husbandry task. The mice got a new spray of millet, and I've moved things around for them to make better use of the vertical space in the tank. (I'm currently trying to get ahold of some acrylic persplex sheets so I can make some shelves/levels in the tank, but it's proving very difficult--nobody wants to sell me any in triangles, and I have no way of cutting them from squares to triangles myself. Very annoying.) I made a Very Stupid Mistake whilst cleaning and thought, oh, it won't be such a bad idea to pour this freshly boiled kettle full of water into the mouse water bottle. It just sort of melted inwards, and I ended up having to go and get two new water bottles (one as a spare!) from the shop. This means I'm now on my third water bottle. Heh.


Sara said...

They really are cute (and I'm NOT a mouse person). They are just like the mice you see in Disney cartoon!

Bailey Be Good! said...

My mommy had a mouse growing up -- it didn't live long, but she thought it was the cutest thing! Her doggie at the time liked it too! :)

Woofs & hugs, <3

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I have to admit that your mice are cute but definitely from a distance! :)

An English Shepherd said...

We had a hamster, it got out lots of times... :-)

Winnie said...

Your mice are very lucky to have such a nice home and someone who cares so much

Love and licks Winnie (I once killed a wild mouse in the garden but it was an accident - I was just trying to play).

Love and licks, Winnie