'Not only is punishment risky, but it also fails to teach the dog an acceptable alternate behaviour. The dog does not learn what to do the next time he is in the same situation. He only learns to fear the situation.' Emma Parsons, Click to Calm p73

Friday, 9 December 2011

Boosters and Bruises.

(Well, not so much bruises as cuts... but you'll see.)

Yesterday I had to take the dogs to the vets for their yearly boosters. This was the first time taking them both in together and... it was an experience.

Lola didn't behave as badly as I thought (she was very responsive to food, and only barked once at a boxer pup whilst we were waiting to go in; she didn't vocalise at the vet, and though she squirmed like crazy and tried to climb up me, she didn't try to bite him), but after we got out, whilst my poor friend held onto their leashes and I attempted to pay for the injections, both dogs were being awful. Jess was yodelling and howling and trying to scratch her way across the floor, and Lola was alternating between staring miserably at me and doing her whiny clucking noise. It was extremely embarrassing, to say the least!

But aside from that, Lola also managed--whilst I was trying to exhaust her in the awful, heavy rain and crazy winds (which left my legs and feet literally dripping water, once I got home), before we went to the vets--to slice open the top of her nose and one side of her muzzle. She also has a red bump above one eye, and a cut on the pad of one of her front paws.

The way it happened? Simple: I let her off lead outside with her have her boomer ball. Apparently the puppy can't control herself anymore with it, so once she's healed up she'll only get her boomer ball after a certain amount of time during her exercise, not at the start of it. Silly puppy.

Lola was feeling totally sorry for herself last night (booster vaccinations, a hurting face and sore paw will do that to even a Jack Russell), but she's fine today, and her muzzle and nose already look much better. Jessie's only trouble was that I didn't let her eat the boxer puppy or the budgie in the waiting room, or let her lick everyone to death (though she did get in a sneaky kiss to the vet when he unwittingly brought his face close to hers).

I also found out the dogs' weights from the Much More Scientific Than A Wii Balance Board weight machine: Jess weighs 13.75kg (about 30lbs) and Lola weighs 6.5kg (about 14lbs). As Jess is getting on in age and very rarely "plays" outside (she's never been big on playing outdoors, as it is), she has very little muscle, but she's nice and trim at the moment so I'd say 30lbs is about ideal for her. Lola has huge muscles in her back legs at the moment, but a tiny little bit more padding than I'd like on her ribs. I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt as it's winter and she's less manic in the winter, but I'd say 14lbs would be her ideal if she had a tad more muscle, and a tad less chub. She's okay for now though (as I have the sneaking suspicion her currently longer, harsher, scruffier coat is hiding just how slender she still is), but we'll see!

I'll catch up with everyone in blogworld tomorrow!


Sara said...

Aww poor Lola!

Going to the vet can be such a difficult chore.

Diana said...

Feel better Lola!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Poor Lola - that cut looks terrible. By now she must be doing much better - at least I hope so!