'Not only is punishment risky, but it also fails to teach the dog an acceptable alternate behaviour. The dog does not learn what to do the next time he is in the same situation. He only learns to fear the situation.' Emma Parsons, Click to Calm p73

Sunday, 18 December 2011


Maybe it's not Christmas yet, but it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Wait, Lola. I'm supposed to light up the tree, not the terrier. Jeez.

Maybe Jess has been feeling Christmassy too, now the tree is up. Either that or the supplements (Yumega and Seaweed Conditioning Powder, alongside an increased dose of fish oil) I give her each day have helped loosen her up. (It's probably the latter, unless Santa is responsible, as she's been gradually getting more and more excitable lately.)

The old girl played enthusiastically for quite a while! She played tug with me and with Lola, chased her old cat chaser toy (she doesn't get nearly as excited for Lola's flirtpole as she does for her cat chaser), hung from a football like a pro (see: video); and she also nearly knocked me over when playing tug, bit my sleeve whilst we were playing the slowest shark, and nailed my knee with her dumb staffie face when I was walking downstairs and she thought it was prime time to zoom upstairs.


Bailey Be Good! said...

Oh my goshies, Jess -- you sure are STRONG!! I don't think I could do anything like that -- I weigh too much! BOL And look at Lola jump! Wowserz!

Great job! :)

Woofs & hugs, <3

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

Diana said...

So glad Jess is feeling better. Love Lola and the lights!

Sara said...

Go Jess! Glad to hear that she's feeling better :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Look at Jess hang from that football! Amazingly strong jaws! Glad she felt good and wanted to play. Lola is very festive in lights!

Winnie said...

Good work girls!!!

The lights make her look lovely. That would make a nice Christmas card.

Love and licks, Winnie

An English Shepherd said...

Chip loves to hang of stuff like that :-)