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Monday, 6 August 2012

Mousey Monday part 2: Mozart.

Funny how these things happen, huh? I'm really not having much mouse luck at the moment.

Kinkajou's the ill one, but it wasn't her that died today. Mozart was fine, this morning and earlier today wandering around. I looked over whilst moving some furniture around (like I do maybe once a month) and she was moving around just fine. I looked over again a couple of minutes later, and she wasn't moving and was sat on the top floor of the cage.

Strange. I got up and went to check on her.

She wasn't moving, and her sides looked like they were sucked in slightly. She was still breathing. I scooped her up onto my hand and she only slightly moved her paws to make sure she didn't fall off.

I rang the vets, and they messed me around for five minutes asking me about her, as I haven't brought Mozart up before to them. In that time she was on my hand she was still breathing, but barely blinking and barely moving. When I put her down to grab my bag, I had blood and poop on my fingers from her bum/base of her tail. She didn't move off of her side in the box that I put her in until I scooped her back up.

She died on the way to the vet.

RIP Mozart.


Sara said...

I'm sorry. RIP little guy.

Two Dogs, One Camera said...

:( I am so so sorry, RIP Mozart.

Chris and Ricky said...

So sorry about Mozart. Gosh the mice are having such a hard time. Hope the others will be ok.

Diana said...

Oh gosh, Im so sorry. How terrible for you and you mice buddies.